Artistic Awards

Our local adjudicators have attended all three shows in 2018 and the final decisions have been made and we are again ready to acknowledge the people who have graced our stage in 2018.

Our celebration of 2018 shows was held on Saturday, 16 March.

Nominees and winners are as follows:


Male Youth

Noah Watters

Liam Rogers

Kai Smith

Jonty Praat (winner)

Tiernan Spalding

Female Youth

Charli O’Brien

Caitlin O’Neill (winner)

Amber Rollinson

Aaliyah Wicks

Jazz Aungiers


Leads Cameo or Support

Tacita Bohan

Asaria Saili

Jenna Wicks

Ana Harkin (winner)

Jennie Ferguson (winner)

Libby Bruhn (winner)

Margs Sanson

Rock of Ages

Male Lead

Asaria Saili

Bernard O’Brien (winner)

Marcus Wolland

Female Lead

Jenna Wicks (winner)

Kaylee Wicks

Sjan Giles-Oza

Male Support

William Gilbert

Corey McAleese

Mark Peni

Anthony Butterfield (winner)

Female Support

Libby Bruhn (winner)

Lisa Lynn

Stephanie Greenslade

Amy Aitchison

New Face

Corey McAleese (winner)

William Gilbert

Marcus Wolland

Amy Aitchison


Owen Walburn

Amy Aitchison

Lisa Lynn

Caitlin Sanson (winner)


Amy Aitchison

Mark Peni

Frazer Double

Stephanie Greenslade (winner)

Society Award: Libby Bruhn and Ann Clark

Supreme Female: Ana Harkin

Supreme Male: Bernard O’Brien